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                 Goats and Sheep

We aren't just crazy about alpaca fiber, we also love our fiber goats and sheep! We raise fiber sheep (primarily miniature Southdown sheep and Shetland sheep) as well as Nigora and Angora goats. 

Nigora Goats

Nigora goats are a dual purpose breed developed from Nigerian Dwarf goats and Angora goats. The combination provides a milk goat that also produces soft, creamy cashmere fiber commonly refered to as "cashgora" fiber since it can have a curl like an angora goat.

Cashmere & Mohair

Nigora goats produce a cashmere type fiber that is soft and creamy. Some individuals can also have a curl like angora goats with a silky luster. Perfect for blending with alpaca fibers for a beautiful, next-to-skin soft garment. Mohair is collected from Angora goats twice per year and is typically longer than the nigora fiber, with more luster and curl. 

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Sheep's wool is a sturdy, ecologically friendly fiber for making garments. Harvested once a year in the spring, it is naturally antimicrobial, insulating, and moisture wicking to help keep you dry and comfortable no matter the weather. 


"Babydoll" miniature Southdown sheep are a teddy-bear faces sheep that is small and easy to handle. Their wool is a low micron count with a springy texture. Shetland sheep are a primitive sheep breed with fiber of varying lengths with a beautiful crimp and low lanolin for easy handling. 

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