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Meet the Owners

Our Family


Melinda (left)

Nathan and Mom (Cathy) (below)



     In the fall of 2008, Liz Bates and her husband Jerry started down the unexpected and slightly crazy path to becoming alpaca owners. The sight of a newborn cria (baby alpaca) had Liz hooked instantly and the couple's farm was soon was home to 2 alpacas which eventually grew to nearly 40 alpacas and 20 goats. Farm tours and classes soon followed as the love of alpacas turned into a love of alpaca fiber. But after almost 10 years, it was time to move on.


    In Fall of 2017, Jenna Cain bought Southern Estate Alpacas from Jerry and Liz.  Southern Estate Alpacas relocated to her beautiful 58 Acre Family Farm in Calhoun, Georgia.  They went from cattle and horses to Alpacas, Nigerian Dwarf goats, Miniature Donkeys, Great Danes, and Labrador Retrievers. 


     After a year it was time for a change and the alpacas moved, this time to Bramblewood Farm in Rydal owned by the Wilson family for over 30 years. The alpacas joined the already large herd of fiber goats and sheep, Great Pyrenees guardian dogs, and chickens as part of their ever growing homestead. Melinda spent over 10 years involved in agritourism and always loved educating families on the value of agriculture. With the new additions to the farm, it was just the push needed to make her dreams of hosting farm tours a reality. 

    The Farm Store offers many hand crafted and unique items made by Melinda and her entire family as well as alpaca fiber creations, and soon eggs and shiitaki mushrooms. Farm and Fiber tours to meet the alpacas, goats, and sheep  will be coming soon!

A special thanks to the families who have been a part of Southern Estate's journey...

Liz Bates (above) and her husband Jerry (right)







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